Zodiac Pizza: What's Your  Sign's Slice?

Aries is the buffalo pizza: hot, bold, prone to leave a stain. They're as subtle as orange and as easy to digest as cayenne pepper. 


Taurean indulgence: Margherita pizza on a pretty plate with expensive cheese and herb confetti. For rebound or stress-eating, it's stuffed crust all day. 


Gemini energy is like Hawaiian pizza: polarizing, chaotic, sometimes salty, sometimes sweet. It's a carb dare and always conversational. 


Cancer is the veggie pizza: nutrient-rich, spice-averse, and sensitive-stomached. They grow their own squash and operate from a place of doing no harm. 


Leo is a shameless, unhinged, and romantic ruler of the heart who loves cheesy pizza pies shamelessly. The more cheese, the better for the lion pride. 


Virgo's are health fanatics who prefer tasteless food, as long as it is good for them. The thin crust pizza, a glorified cracker allergic to fun, is their choice. 


Libra is the pepperoni pizza of the zodiac - a sign that seeks perfect pairings and easily falls prey to codependent dynamics. 


Scorpio, the ruler of death and regeneration, goes for the meat lover's pizza covered in dead stuff, fitting their association with the excretory system.


Sagittarius is a supreme pizza, ruled by Jupiter and born to add toppings with reckless abandon, without thought to price or decency. 


Capricorn = Sicilian pizza. Square, traditional, legacy-focused. Sicily known for Costa Nostra, Capricorn for ambition. 


Aquarius is a white pizza; it's vegan and the future of pizza. It's the revolution, unpopular but here to show what's possible, and won't sully their space suits. 


Pisces is deep dish pizza, as they fear shallow living like their fellow fish. Natives live up to Anaïs Nin's quote, "No fear of depths, great fear of shallow living.